Personal Care

Cosmetics and toiletries; including bath oils, antiperspirants, bath salts, body scrubs and shower gels, skin creams and moisturizers.

Pharmaceutical creams, lotions and salves.

Men’s grooming, including after shave lotions, shaving cream, hairsprays, gels and colognes.

Our Products

The company obtained its ISO-22000 certification in the year 2013. The company is capable of providing Perfume and Flavor for any application.

    On the flavor front we provide

  • Liquid flavors
  • Powder flavors
  • Emulsions
  • Encapsulated flavors

    Our flavors are being used in

  • Food and beverage industries
  • Liquor industries
  • Health drinks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Tooth paste and mouth washes

    Home fragrances like

  • Candles and incense sticks
  • Potpouri (liquid and botanical)
  • Air fresheners
  • Room sprays
  • Sachets

    Hair care products

  • Hair oils
  • Shampoo & gels

    Skin care products

  • Creams, gels & lotions

    Veternary care products

    Industrial applications

    On the perfume front we provide